Q. How many residents are in this home?
A. We are currently licensed for four residents. The home accommodates both male and female residents.

Q. What is your staffing ratio for caregivers?
A. The staffing ratio is 1:4 around-the clock (24 hours).  There is always an “awake and alert” overnight staff person in the home.


Q. Who dispenses medications to residents?
A. Medications are dispensed by staff certified by the state of Maryland (who have taken a 20 hour course) to dispense medications and under the guidance of our Delegating Nurse.

Q. Do you have physicians that come to the home?
A. Yes, a Geriatric Internist, Podiatrist, and Eye Care professionals are available to examine and/or treat patients at the residence. If you prefer, we will work closely with your personal physicians.


Q. Who prepares the meals? 
A. Meals are prepared by our staff. We focus our meals on seasonal ingredients with close attention to specific dietary needs of each individual as much as possible.

Q. What if a resident doesn't like what is being served for that particular meal?
A. Residents can request something else be prepared for them.

Q. When are meals served?
A. Breakfast is served during the morning from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. Lunch and dinner are both served family style in the dining room; Lunch- 12:30 p.m. and Dinner- 5:30 p.m.  For those unable to come to the dining room, other accommodations are made during mealtimes.  Snacks are served throughout the day.

Q. Can you meet special dietary restrictive diets?
A. Yes. Working with the family and physician, we are happy to adapt meals to meet restrictive diets.

Q. Can residents bring their own furniture?
A. Yes. Residents may either bring some of their own furniture or use our furniture (at no extra charge). We encourage residents to bring their own artwork and family photographs.

Q. Do you provide televisions in resident bedrooms?
A. We provide a television in the common areas but not in individual bedrooms. Each bedroom is satellite dish ready and residents are welcome to bring their own television.

Q. Can residents have a private telephone line in their bedroom?
A. Yes. That can be arranged between the resident and the telephone company.

Q. Are activities planned in the homes?
A. Yes. We plan resident activities to accommodate varying abilities and the interests of all. 


Q. Are there specific visiting hours at your homes?
A. Yes. You can visit residents from 11:00 a.m. until  9:00 p.m. We encourage family participation.

Q. What kind of contract is required?
A. Residents sign a one-year Agreement. After that, the term reverts to month-to-month.

Q. You have a set monthly fee for basic services. Is there anything that would incur an extra charge?
A. Extra charges apply for the cost of each resident’s medications, medical supplies, incontinence products, beautician services, personal toiletry items, cable TV/satellite service, and a private telephone line in the bedroom.

Q. If a resident needs to go out for a medical appointment, is there an extra charge for an escort and transportation?
A. Transportation is generally not provided to outside medical appointments since we have a physician available to visit our residents on-site.  If you prefer to keep your own personal physician and transportation is necessary, it can be arranged with advance notice, for a fee.  With advance notice, an escort can be provided to accompany a resident to an outside medical appointment, there is a charge for this service as well.

Q. Can a resident remain at an Brighter Day until death?
A. We strongly believe and practice that residents should be able to stay in our home until the end of life. We encourage the use of Hospice Care which may enable people to spend their final days at home. There are certain medical scenarios, such as if someone needs to be on a ventilator, where our license will not permit them to remain in our home; however, we will work with the family to minimize such situations.

Q. What would cause a resident to be discharged from Brighter Day?
A. Our focus is providing the best possible care for all of our residents. If a resident was non-compliant, became violent, or posed a threat to themselves or other residents, they would be discharged. Families should understand that we are not a medical facility. There are possible situations where a resident becomes medically inappropriate for the level of care we are either able or authorized to provide in which case we work with the family to identify alternative living arrangements.

Q. How are prospective residents evaluated for admission?
A. Each admission to Brighter Day is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The general health and medical history of the prospective resident is evaluated by our Registered Nurse, in consultation with the physician and resident’s family, to ensure that optimal care can be provided.

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