There is a very real advantage to living in a quiet house, in a nice neighborhood, among friends and people who demonstrate genuine caring and concern. Living in a natural setting with people of all ages residing in the houses around yours can truly provide a more home-like feeling than one could ever get in a nursing home. No one enjoys being shut away from the rest of the world; unable to enjoy a quiet early fall afternoon sitting on the deck, or watch the birds and squirrels play among the changing leaves.

I really think that anyone would be more than pleased to trust his or her loved one in the care of Donna and staff.
— I. A. Taylor

Picture living in a family setting, engaging in the various activities of home life such as a late morning game of BINGO, or finding a quiet corner to read, work on a crossword puzzle or complete a jigsaw puzzle - these are the benefits of residence at  Brighter Day Assisted Living.  In our bright and happy home environment you or your loved one will find caring, competent, qualified and attentive staff who share time, personal care and companionship with you each day in a safe, family-style atmosphere. So if you are dazed by the high prices and impersonal care found in many nursing homes today, and are looking for affordable personal care and companionship for yourself or your loved one, come to Brighter Day Assisted Living and you too will feel right at home.

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